We want to globalize e-Commerce, not our platform

Written by Ijaz Khan

SEPANG. The main aim of the Alibaba Group is to authorise small businesses and rise them to a higher level, thus creating a property situation for them to grow.

Founder President, Jack Ma, said the group has no plans to globalize its trade name but that its sole target was to open the world’s doors to e-commerce through the Internet.

That is the quality between us and other digital platforms. We are not aiming to globalize Alibaba but what we want is to empower and globalize the small and medium enterprises (SMEs),” he said at a press conference here today.

After propulsion the first phase of Digital Free Trade Zone here present, Ma said, the next goal was to bring in cloud computer science for the SMEs to ensure they have the latest systems to work with.

The group was sounding forward to join forces with the Education Ministry to teach students how to do business online, he said.

Nobody should be scared to venture into e-commerce plane figure. Use the platform and for the young people, it is an vantage for them as they are born in the technology era,” he said.

Ma said the being of DFTZ would enhance the opportunity for SMEs to reach out not only to the China market but also Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

“Soon, all businesses must be globalised if they want to prolong because the world is moving towards e-commerce,” he said.

Ma said the faculty of DFTZ could be replicated elsewhere and in five years time, other countries would have the similar faculty which would benefit not only the major economic players but also SMEs.

By prolong small businesses, we can go on for a longer period of time, but with big companies, we can only sustain only for a short period, let’s just say, five years,” he said.

Earliest, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Ma brought to life Malaysia’s DFTZ by drooping off over 1,972 export-ready SMEs on board.

The world’s first DFTZ is a key constituent in driving Malaysia’s digital economy, ease SMEs to capitalise on the happening of exponential growth of the Internet economy and cross-border trade.

DFTZ would addition the SMEs’ exports to US$38 billion (US$1 = RM4.23), create over 60,000 jobs and support US$65 cardinal worth of goods moving through DFTZ by 2025.

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